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So.. Long ago, began a passion for photography. It started in high school with Mrs. Pouncey and a desire to hold an office in an after school club. Lame , I know. I was historian. What does that even mean?

It means I started learning the history of photography and just fell in love with photographing people and places. I ended up as an art major at Clemson. I was three years in and not sure what I was actually going to do with an art degree.. So I transferred to Carolina to get a degree in Art Education and focus in photography. After graduation, I moved to Charleston to teach high school photography and art. It was dark room and film back then folks. That’s the real stuff. I miss the excitement of opening a film canister to see the the roll unwind with images if done correctly. I miss the darkroom and getting the exposure of a print just right in the chemical baths. It was exciting and I loved it. But I loved the idea of being a mom more and so I redirected my path..

I started taking pictures of families and weddings and places in Charleston and soon had a little photography business going. It was awesome. Then motherhood came and a move to Columbia and another baby.. And there went my business. My love affair with pictures and art always stayed but the time was gone to do it.

After two years of caring for my oldest son who suddenly became ill and then having him called home to heaven, I am ready to find something that I can call my own again. Something that allows me to focus on the good in the world and less on what is lost.

Starting this new stage in my life and finding more time to focus on things that I love has allowed me to start up my little business again.. I love capturing candid raw moments, enjoying spending moments in other peoples lives and giving them a part of themselves from my prospective. I look forward to sharing my gift of photographing and creating some beautiful new memories.

I’ll be posting all my shoots on my Karie Phillips Photography page and booking mini sessions for the fall soon! Email me at if you are interested!


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